Hello, this time I will give an article about the crowdsale that is being held by BITCOURSE, in this article I will try to explain to you about what the purpose of this project is according to the understanding that I get through the website, this article does not discuss about what is there on a whitepaper buoy just limited to see the value for this crowdsale that has been pressed by the existing list ico website.

Now we continue to access the official website directly : http://bitcourse.net/

and we can assess the seriousness of this project through the website address using https or http, usually the website will tend to be more trusted if using https protocol, well for BitCourse website using https protocol.

This BitCourse project is opening an opportunity for investors if the project feels good protection, but before you decide to participate in this project, you better read this review until it runs out because it may be useful for you to consider.

What is BitCourse?

Is the first international decentralized platform that offers education and consulting services and guarantees refunds to the customer if a services not delivered, as well as payment to the instructor whenever a project is successfully completed.

The act of learning and educating people is the essential factor for global development and systematic world growth. Knowledge is said to be power and we know that power is the driving force of world leadership. The Bitcourse platform is the exhibit of creative learning module on the blockchain that drives educational prospect on a large scale. The Bitcourse has emerged to become the leader of educational online teaching and learning on a great paradigm of educating people. It creatively establishes the fundamentals of learning and creative innovation in teaching. The Bitcourse is clearly inclined into the use of teaching tools and educational online materials for instructing and teaching on a wide scale. The Bitcourse is Ethereum first and finest Blockchain created based personal teaching and consulting platform. The platform has also emerged as iterated to solve the issues of trust, skill and professionalism from the tutors. Furthermore, the centralized system had issues with pricing and payments, but the decentralized system or network of Bitcourse is here to solve the issue through its platform conformance of openness, low fees, democracy, safety of transactions, certificates issuing and benefit of translation by translators. The platform therefore establishes this level of tutors openness and democracy from the client to choose whatsoever instructor of choice. Furthermore, Bitcourse enables and encourages the use of Etheruem for safety of transactions and safety on trust for information or knowledge source. The Bitcourse provides knowledge as a mode of a webinar for clients and users who price the decentralized system. This creates the functional sequence of the bitcourse on the educational platform paradigm and structure. The bitcourse offers its token on Ethereum ERC20 coinage with an ICO starting soonest from November and December 2017 concurrently. However, the pre-ICO has already started in November 2017. Hence, all users are advised to buy, purchase and follow the sale of tokens on the bitcourse Ethereum ERC20 coinage for token leverage on learning and teaching tools etc. This is the Ethereum process and platform benefits for users. it is the future of online personal teaching and consulting on the bitcourse chain. it is the knowledge webinar on a large scale.

Further information :
Website: https://bitcourse.net
Whitepaper: https://bitcourse.net/WhitePaperEng.pdf
ANN THREAD: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2321846.0


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