In today’s trendy age, wise devices compromise with user security. the final word target depends heavily on user experience, at a really pricy value in fraud and crime. we’ve got a bent to believe that the digital economy for a protracted time can’t tolerate this trade-off: device style demands a paradigm shift that allows true security whereas holding noble user skills.

Introduce : FINNEY™ from SirinLabs

before I explain about FINNEY™, SirinLabs is a Company to create a smooth bridge between technology, applications and blocking services, and mass market.


FINNEY™ devices area unit the primary cyber-protected, blockchain-enabled itinerant and laptop. They fancy the practicality of Android™ OS, and a collection of cybersecurity technologies, giving users safe, reliable access to the blockchain.

FINNEY™ devices form an independent blockchain network, a distributed ledger both scalable and lightweight, powered by IOTA’s Tangle technology and SirinLabs security ecosystem. FINNEY™ is free from centralized backbones and mining centers, capable of providing fast, fee-less and secure transactions.
FINNEY™ devices will run on SirinLabs open-source operating system, Shield OS™. This is designed to support inherent Blockchain applications, such as a crypto wallet, secure exchange access, encrypted communications, and a P2P resource sharing ecosystem for payment and apps, supported by the SRN token. The SRN is the FINNEY™ network’s default currency.
FINNEY™ smartphone
The SirinLabs product line will include the  first smartphone for the blockchain community. FINNEY™ Smartphone is an affordable (~$999) ultra-secure and impeccably-designed smartphone, that  will incorporate advanced blockchain and cryptocurrency commerce algorithms to make sure the transactions integrity.
Shield in Operating System
 + Secure P2P resource sharing
 + Built-in “cold storage” crypto wallet
 + Distributed Ledger Consensus
SIRIN LABS Secure Protection :
 + Behavioral based Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)
 + Blockchain based, full tampering proof
 + Physical security switch Technology for wallet security
 + Secured communications VoIP, text, email and others
 + Authentication: Biometric, Lock Pattern, Behavioral
Hardware Spesifications :
 + 5.2-inch QHD Display
 + 256GB of internal memory storage
 + 8GB RAM
 + Wi-Fi 802.11ac
 + BT 5.0
 +16MP Main camera
 +12MP Wide-Angle selfie camera
CONNECTIVITY : Using P2P data connection sharing over FINNEY Devices Network when you traveling abroad or other place to get stay connected.
CPU : Monetize Finney Devices Computer power while idle, and sharing over the FINNEY Secure Network
POWER MANAGEMENT : Running low on Battery Solved by Sharing Battery power with another FINNEY user
FEE-LESS TRANSACTIONS = Send and Receive Payment with secure network ,Using FINNEY Fee-less transaction system.

SirinLabs also plans to create powerfull PC with OEM Operating system too start with $799 USD you can get All-in-one PC From SirinLabs.
Spesification : 
 + Secure P2P resource sharing
 + Built-in “cold storage” crypto wallet
 + Distributed Ledger Consensus
SIRIN Secure Protection Features :
 + Behavioral based Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)
 + Blockchain based and full tampering proof
 + Physical security switch Technology For wallet security
 + Secured communications VoIP, text, email, Etc
 + Authentication: Biometric, Lock Pattern, Behavioral 
 + And for Good news for you as a holder SRN TOKEN, Because SIRIN LABS
Product and Service Will Be Purcashing by SRN TOKEN as long pre-order products in future.
SRN Token A.K.A SIRIN Token, whose symbol is SRN. The SRN cryptocurrency token is fractionally divisible, transferable and exchangeable. During the token sale, the SRN Token is implemented as an ERC-20 compatible token over the public Ethereum blockchain and will be converted to a coin on the IOTA network.
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